daily links

  • viljamis/Molten-Leading · GitHub
    Manually adjusting line-height for optimum readability across a bunch of media queries is kind of a pain. With Molten Leading you can set a minimum width at which the adjustment starts, a maximum element width where it stops, and a minimum and maximum line height to adjust through.
  • Genymotion
    The faster Android emulator
    Genymotion is the next generation of the AndroVM open source project, already trusted by 900,000 developers.
    It’s even easier to use and has lots more functionalities.
  • Resemble.js : Image analysis
    Resemble.js can be used for any image analysis and comparison requirement you might have in the browser. However, it has been designed and built for use by the PhantomJS powered visual regression library PhantomCSS. PhantomCSS needs to be able to ignore antialiasing as this would cause differences between screenshots derived from different machines.
    Resemble.js uses the HTML5 File API to parse image data, and canvas for rendering image diffs.
  • Total Gallery Formatter | Drupal.org
    The Total Gallery Formatter module creates a gallery formatter for image fields with more than one number of values, It gives you the full control over its funtionality and styling.