daily links

  • Gizra/zariz · GitHub
    Zariz is a suite of Drupal modules and methodology, that models content (nodes) creation and editing similar to Git’s branches, and allows generating static sites from the Drupal backend.
    The counterpart of Zariz which is responsible for the static site creation is generator-zariz.
  • Extended Path Aliases | Drupal.org
    In short, would you like your human-readable, SEO-friendly aliases to be carried through on all your tabs, links, Views, and blocks, on all your pages, not just on that single aliased base path?
    If so, then this little module is for you.
  • MAC Randomizer: Counter WiFi Tracking/Spying | Jonathan Zdziarski's Domain
    Below is a simple bash script I wrote that runs on OSX (and can be easily adapted to other OS’s) that will randomize your MAC address every 30 seconds, and help prevent MAC-based tracking such as what the NSA and friends are testing out. It only does this if you’re not currently connected to a WiFi access point, otherwise your connection would get reset. Copy this somewhere and run it as root when you log in.