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  • charlesthomas/magpie · GitHub
    Git-backed Evernote replacement
  • Drupal to Excel with Views | AGLOBALWAY
    Every now and then we need to export a bunch of content from our Drupal site into a spreadsheet. This can easily be accomplished through views with modules like Views Excel Export, which allows you to add a new display for your view. Also, you can add it as an attachment to your existing view, creating a button. Click, and you download a spreadsheet (or CSV, there are options!) just like that. Modules like this one work really well if your data structure is straightforward, and there is no need to format your spreadsheet. What happens if you want it to look a certain way, add borders to columns or rows? What if your view is referencing Entities? Suddenly Views Excel Export doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Enter PHP Excel. While this module has no UI to speak of, it does add PHP Excel to your Libraries folder in your Drupal installation. The PHP Excel library gives you a ton of functions that allow you to format an Excel spreadsheet, as well as write to it directly. Let’s say we wish to output our "Events" view to Excel