daily links

  • Taxonomy Views Integrator | Drupal.org
    The TVI (Taxonomy Views Integrator) module allows selective overriding of taxonomy terms and/or vocabulary with the view of your choice. Using TVI you can easily create custom views to output all terms in X vocabuarly.
    TVI will try not to interfere with views or taxonomy/term page displays if no TVI views exist for the current page request.
  • Taxonomy display | Drupal.org
    The taxonomy display module allows administrative configurable term display pages. This allows administrators to override the default presentation of taxonomy term pages per vocabulary through the taxonomy term page’s manage display form.
  • Organizing Features for Configuration Managment | Kerasai.com
    I’ve been using Features for configuration management for several years now, and I’ve seen a lot of strategies that work well and a few that make me want to cry. There’s not necessarily a right way to do it, but here’s a look at the organization that I’ve settled on to make using Features for configuration management as pleasant and effective as possible. I encourage you to try it for yourself.
  • Fefes Blog
    Der Stratfor-Hack wurde vom FBI angezettelt. Ohne das FBI wäre der nicht passiert. Die wollten, dass das stattfindet. Damit sie mehr Kohle für Cyber-Abwehr kriegen. 60000 geleakte Kreditkartennummern und Millionen Dollar an Schaden. Hat das FBI verursacht.
    Es sind Momente wie dieser, wo ich mich frage, ob wir nicht ohne Polizei weniger Kriminalität hätten.