daily links

  • Page Manager | Drupal.org
    It supports the creation of new pages, and allows placing blocks within that page.
    Like Drupal 7’s Page Manager, it provides a concept of "page variants", each with their own selection conditions.
    Additionally, it can be used to take over an existing page, like overriding /node/% to change what is displayed when viewing a node.
  • Zariz | Drupal.org
    Zariz is a suite of Drupal modules and methodology, that models content (nodes) creation and editing similar to Git’s branches, and allows generating static sites from the Drupal backend.
  • Sassline
    Sassline is based on the method used for setting text to a baseline when designing for print. By setting the root font-size as half the line-height of the paragraph text, the height of the baseline grid is effectively set at 2rem. This allows us to easily use proportions of the baseline elsewhere for margins and padding. The typographic styling included sets all elements to the baseline and is context aware. The spacing is set between elements with the Gestalt law of proximity (elements closer together are visually grouped).
  • WordPress › Multilingual Press « WordPress Plugins
    This plugin lets you connect an unlimited amount of sites with each other. Set a main language for each site, create relationships (connections), and start writing. You get a new field now to create a linked post on all the connected sites automatically. They are accessible via the post/page editor screen – you can switch back and forth to translate them.