daily links

  • A Sass Mixin for CSS Triangles
    There is a very popular CSS trick consisting on using a mix of solid and transparent borders on a 0 width, 0 height element in order to fake a triangle. Now the thing is, I never completely remember how to use this little piece of code. Which borders need to be transparent? Which one should be solid? I just can’t figure this out and I bet it’s the same for many of you as well. So this is typically the kind of thing you would like to automate using Sass.
  • Slick Carousel | Drupal.org
    Drupal module for Ken Wheeler’s Slick carousel.
  • Improving Sass code quality on theguardian.com | Info | theguardian.com
    Automating code quality control is an old trick that we’ve been using with JavaScript for a long time. Here is how we apply the same rigorous process to Sass code (the CSS pre-processor we use) in our workflow.