daily links

  • Google Maps API Styled Map Wizard
    Diverse Anpassungen einer Google Map
  • Table Trash | Drupal.org
    In summary, this module allows you to do any or all of the following.
    _search box to filter out rows based on keywords entered by the visitor
    _responsively hide columns on narrow screens; but click the plus-icon and the hidden cells appear below the selected row
    _page and sort in the browser –i.e fast!–, rather than via the server
    _re-arrange the order and widths of columns, handy for preparing screenshots/print-outs
    _fix the table header at the top of the window, when scrolling tall tables
    _"over-size": virtually widen the table and add horizontal scroll
    _add buttons to export to clip-board, Excel, PDF or to print
  • Views Aggregator Plus | Drupal.org
    As the great Merlin himself said: "You can’t aggregate a PHP expression in the database. :/ ".
    That’s where Views Aggregator Plus comes in. In addition to what Views and Views Calc do, this module:
    _enumerates group members
    _produces tallies, i.e. textual histograms
    _aggregates on Views PHP code-snippet evalutations
    _can filter out result rows on regexp patterns
    _gives you sorting on Views’ Math expressions
    _lets you add your own custom aggregation functions
    … and it puts summary statistics at the bottom of your aggregated table as well!
  • Facebook and/or Twitter (Publish Away) | Drupal.org
    Publish Away allows you to easily and automatically publish your content (on adding / updating) on your Facebook (page / timeline) or Twitter.