daily links

  • At.js | Drupal.org
    You define listeners which can be enabled on a Long text fields, in the listener definition you have… (Following uses an inline reference to users as an example) A trigger string or character ("@") Select an Entity type to populate the autocomplete (User) Bundles within that entity type (doesn’t apply to User) The autocomplete results template as HTML (user picture with name) Entity property or field to search against (name property (username)) Data to supply to the template available as tokens, can be properties and fields (picture, username) Whether or not to keep a record of usage, this will allow developers to respond when new mentions happen, and mentions are removed (implement hook so that users are sent an email when there’s a new mention of them)
  • HTTPS Everywhere jetzt auch auf Smartphones
    Wer ein Mobiltelefon mit Android nutzt, kann seine Internetnutzung jetzt auf relativ einfache Weise sicherer machen: Die Eletronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) bietet ihre Browser-Extension HTTPS Everywhere seit kurzem in einer Beta-Version für Mozilla Firefox auf Android an.
  • The Miso Project
    Miso is an open source toolkit designed to expedite the creation of high-quality interactive storytelling and data visualisation content.