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  • Device-lab | Vanamco AG | Device lab responsive stand
    Device Lab
    The responsive development stand.
  • HTML5 Canvas
    In the past two years, since the release of this book, usage of the HTML5 Canvas has grown by leaps and bounds. The original edition of this book was one of the first publications dedicated to the Canvas. While we were proud to get out of the gate fast, it also meant that we had to do a lot of research and exploration of our own. Back in 2011, there were only a handful of examples of HTML5 Canvas applications, and still fewer tutorials. In 2013, the landscape has changed. There are many resources to choose from regarding the HTML5 Canvas, from frameworks and APIs to dedicated websites and books. To create this second edition, we took a hard look at what worked and what did not work the first time around. The following sections describe some of the exciting changes and updates that you can look forward to within these pages.