daily links

  • [untitled]
    Flexible floating form labels to make your boring placeholders super fly. Based on the FloatLabel pattern by Matt Smith. With flyLabel.js, it’s easy to trigger custom behaviors on form labels.
  • Renderable elements | Drupal.org
    Renderable elements enables you to register any forms and manage the display through an UI. It will also make (additional) elements available of existing entities on the manage forms/display screens or you can for example register the contact form and rearrange the fields through Field UI.
  • Configuration Management | Drupal.org
    The configuration management module enables the ability to keep track of specific configurations on a Drupal site, provides the ability to move these configurations between different environments (local, dev, qa, prod), and also move configurations between completely different sites (migrate configurations) without the use of modules with all configuration being owned by the site.
  • Role Export | Drupal.org
    The Role Export module allows roles to have machine_names and generates a unique role id (rid) based off of the machine_name. Roles can be exported with Features and get the exact same rid if imported on other sites. Because of this unique rid there is no need to create plugins per contrib module that use the rid in their export code, such as Views, Ctools, Rules, etc. References to this role id will not break on other sites.
  • Features Tools | Drupal.org
    The main goal of this tool is to give the ability to remove elements from a feature and put them back to the DB.
    It adds a "Safe Create Feature" button to the recreate feature form, which detects the element that has been removed from the feature and saves them in an unlink file.
    In order to save the elements to the DB you need to go to the admin/build/features/unlink page, check the element you need to import and submit.