daily links

  • A Simple Grid Mixin Explained – Cognition: The blog of web design & development firm Happy Cog
    Successful design systems stand on the shoulders of sound grids. Grids form the groundwork for a uniform yet flexible suite of templates. Their layouts hold containers that fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Last week, Happy Cog, in partnership with Mijingo, released the 7th video in The Happy Cog Way series: “The Basics of Grids.” In it, MJ discusses using a nice little web app called Modular Grid Pattern, a grid generator that can export into a variety of design programs.
  • arashmanteghi/simptip · GitHub
    A simple CSS tooltip made with Sass
  • About – Snazzy Maps – Free Styles for Google Maps
    Snazzy Maps is a repository of different color schemes for Google Maps aimed towards web designers and developers.
    As of version 3 of the Google Maps API custom styles can now be applied to maps. This allows developers and designers to pick a style that matches the theme of their website.