daily links

  • Grunt Boilerplate
    Hopefully this guide gives you a good starting point to begin using Grunt to automate more of your work flow. It’s an extremely powerful tool and we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface as there is the custom task features built-in that let you write your own tasks that interact with the file system and do pretty much anything you want. Well worth investigating further.
  • How To Git What You Want | Palantir.net
    Feel free to modify the workflow basics presented in the slides below to suit your needs or to use it as example from which to build a completely different workflow. This is not *the one true workflow* or probably even the very best workflow. It is however a basis for a structured, documented workflow for using Git in a team or alone. When a client urgently needs to know, “Was the fix for bug #2345 included in the version that was released on August 9th?” then a clear, retraceable path is a thing you need. Trust me, and heed the wisdom shared with me by Palantir’s Bec White: "Avoid starting a war with your future self."