daily links

  • maccman/jquery.magicmove · GitHub
    The library works by appending a separate and hidden clone of the element you’re transitioning to the page. Any DOM manipulation you do is actually manipulating that clone. Then, when you’re finished, the library looks at the difference between the element’s current position, and the clone’s position, and animates between them (using CSS transitions).
  • Well Rounded: Compound Shapes in CSS | CSS-Tricks
    This time he’s back at it creating complex shapes that have image backgrounds, shadows, and curves, yet are flexible.
  • How to Control the Display of Multi-Value Fields in Drupal | Web Wash
    Fields in Drupal can be configured to store a single value or multiple values. Displaying a single value field is fairly simple, but it gets tricky when you want to control multi-value fields. For example, let’s say you add an image field to a blog content type which now allows you to upload multiple images. But you only want to display the first two images in the field, what is the best way to do this? In this article, you’ll learn how to control the display of a multi-value field within a formatter using Display Suite and a few contributed modules. Then we’ll look at how to control a multi-value field in Views.
  • Fefes Blog
    Realitätsabgleich zum Thema Überwachung von Demonstrationen und Gesichtserkennung. Die eigentlichen Fotos gibt es hier. Man beachte, dass der Mann vermummt war.