daily links

  • SamyPesse/reportr · GitHub
    Reportr is a complete application which works like a dashboard for tracking events in your life (using a very simple API). With a simple interface, it helps you track and display your online activity (with trackers for Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, …) or your real-life activity (with hardware trackers or applications like Runkeeper).
  • Android Emulator on OS X
    I have been starting to see some support ticket come in for Android browsers. Obviously all my devices are Apple. Since the Google Nexus 7 was so cheap, I did order one today so that I can do testing and support my users. However, the Android SDK does contain an emulator.
    In terms of usability, it comes nothing close to Apple’s iOS simulator. Sadly, the emulator is not very user friendly to get working at all. Lucky for you I have automated 99% of the process for you! Just follow the steps below and you should be golden.