daily links

  • Animated 3D Bar Chart with CSS3 | Codrops
    A tutorial on how to create an animated 3d bar chart using CSS only.
  • Interactive Infographic with SVG and CSS Animations | Codrops
    One of the less talked about features of newer browsers is increasing support for the SVG file format. If you are unfamiliar with SVG, it stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. Unlike raster image formats like PNG, JPG or GIF, the vector graphics contained within SVG files are completely scalable to any size and will display at any resolution or screen density without quality loss. In many cases, SVG files will also be much smaller in filesize and download quicker.
    But one of the really cool things that some developers do not realize is that SVG is built on the XML specification, which at the end of the day means that its plain old markup, and can be worked with in a similar manner to HTML. It also means that we can access and manipulate graphics and elements within the SVG file using technologies like CSS and JavaScript that web developers are already familiar with.
    With the right techniques and modern browser support, developers can now produce some pretty impressive animations, effects and interactions using SVG. Today we will explore the possibilities of SVG and test the capabilities of modern browsers by creating an interactive vector infographic for the web.
  • How To Create Flat Style Breadcrumb Links with CSS
    In this tutorial we’ll look at creating a series of breadcrumb navigation links in a flat design style without the need for the previously popular “sliding doors background image” method.
  • Chrome Web Store – Clockwork
    Clockwork is a Chrome extension for PHP development, extending Developer Tools with a new panel providing all kinds of information useful for debugging and profiling your PHP scripts, including information on request, headers, GET and POST data, cookies, session data, database queries, routes, visualisation of application runtime and more. Clockwork includes out of the box support for Laravel 4 and Slim 2 based applications, you can add support for any other or custom framework via an extensible API.