daily links

  • The body-worn “IMSI catcher” for all your covert phone snooping needs | Ars Technica
    Recently leaked brochures advertising next generation spy devices give outsiders a glimpse into the high-tech world of government surveillance. And one of the most tantalizing of the must-have gizmos available from a company called GammaGroup is a body-worn device that surreptitiously captures the unique identifier used by cell phones.
  • Building Views Query Plugins | Lullabot
    Beginning with Views 3, you can write your own plugin to replace Views’ built-in SQL query engine. This means that you can make Views query against any kind of data source. The most common use case is to create Views that query remote web service; that sounded like a great match for our needs, and it’s what we’re going to explain.
  • Gastartikel: Lightbox mit TYPO3 ohne Extensions
    Gerade TYPO3 bietet schon von Hause aus die Möglichkeit, Lightbox-Scripte ohne eine Erweiterung zu realisieren.