daily links

  • Least Authority
    LeastAuthority.com today announced Simple Secure Storage Service (S4), a backup service that encrypts your files to protect them from the prying eyes of spies and criminals.The Simple Secure Storage Service offers verifiable end-to-end security. It offers “end-to-end security” because all of the customer’s data is encrypted locally — on the customer’s own personal computer — before it is uploaded to the cloud. During its stay in the cloud, it cannot be decrypted by LeastAuthority.com, nor by anyone else, without the decryption key which is held only by the customer.
  • Designing For Emotion With Hover Effects | Smashing Coding
    One way to design for emotional surprise and stimulation might be to present different panes of information according to the way the user hovers over a responsive image.
  • Fefes Blog
    Die NSA kann Iphones, Android- und Blackberry-Smartphones infiltrieren und dann mitlesen. Das ist eine hervorragende Nachricht. Denn es bestätigt, dass sie nicht die Kryptographie brechen können, sonst müssten sie nicht die Geräte infiltrieren. Der Angriff funktioniert so, dass sie in den Rechner einbrechen, mit dem man sein Gerät synct, und dann verdeckt Code auf das Telefon aufbringen, der ihnen die Daten ausleitet.
  • Sliding Horizontal Layout
    It’s a layout where we see the main section in the middle and part of the previous and next section on the sides. The navigation reflects this view by showing the three items currently visible. When clicking on one of the sides or on one of the lateral navigation items, the sections will slide to the respective side, showing the next or previous section. The same happens to the navigation. We use CSS 3D Transforms for moving the lateral sections. In a browser that does not support 3D Transforms (or where JavaScript is not enabled), you will see the default layout.
  • element.scrollIntoView – Web API interfaces | MDN
    The scrollIntoView() method scrolls the element into view.
  • Starting to Write CSS
    In this article I want to share what I learned last few months and what exactly is my vision about CSS coding. As a programmer I’m really interested in the architectural part of the things. I feel that the writing of CSS should be changed and I dig a lot. I search for the good processes, the best principles and new workflows. This post is like conclusion of journey in the world of CSS. Many people say that writing CSS is not exactly programming. I’ll disagree and will say that it’s equally interesting and challenging.