daily links

  • Cross-Browser Image Grayscale with CSS | Karl Horky – Blog
    To apply a grayscale effect (color desaturation) to images across Firefox 10+, Firefox on Android, Internet Explorer 6 – 9, Chrome 19+ and Safari 6+ on desktop and iOS, use the following snippet below.
  • buzz.typo3.org: baseURL is dead – long live absRefPrefix
    If you are having a multisite tree, it’s important to create a domain record on each page level – but you most likely done that all ready 🙂
    You can do this by writing the following in your TypoScript setup
    config.absRefPrefix = /
    and of course, remove any instances of config.baseURL!
    in this way, we tell TYPO3 to prefix all links with a "/" and don’t really care about a baseURL!