daily links

  • DarbyBrown/Shade · GitHub
    Shade – The ultimate shadow mixin
  • Views Global Filter | drupal.org
    Views Global Filter implements the picked once, operates site-wide (POOS) principle. This means you can place anywhere on your site a selection widget (drop-down, check boxes etc) to globally filter all or some of your views. When the user picks a value from the global selector, the value is invisibly passed as a contextual filter to whatever views you like, even when these reside across multiple pages. This avoids you having to duplicate filters and avoids the visitor having to re-select their choice as they go from page to page.
  • Any cellphone can be traced by its digital fingerprint – tech – 01 August 2013 – New Scientist
    Tech-savvy criminals try to evade being tracked by changing their cellphone’s built-in ID code and by regularly dumping SIM cards. But engineers in Germany have discovered that the radio signal from every cellphone handset hides within it an unalterable digital fingerprint – potentially giving law enforcers a simple way of tracking the handset itself.