daily links

  • No Query Fallbacks · Team-Sass/breakpoint Wiki · GitHub
    Breakpoint allows you to write fallbacks for your media queries very easily with a multitude of different options for spitting out the CSS. You can either include a no-query option at the end of your media query definition, or you can do it by passing in the no-query parameter to the breakpoint mixin.
  • Sass Breakpoint Mixin Meets Internet Explorer 8 | Mediacurrent Blog Post
    Enter breakpoint, which allows you to inject media queries wherever necessary. Say you are creating menu lists in the footer of your site. In a desktop view, you may want the menu blocks to sit side-by-side, but on mobile they should stack vertically.
  • Absolute Horizontal And Vertical Centering In CSS | Smashing Coding
    I’m not the pioneer of this method (yet I have dared to name it Absolute Centering), and it may even be a common technique, however, most vertical centering articles never mention it and I had never seen it until I dug through the comments section of a particular article.