daily links

  • The "Other" Interface: Atomic Design With Sass | Smashing Coding
    First, it’s worth mentioning that we’ll have a style sheet that imports all of the Sass partials we’re about to make. Think of this as our control panel, because in the future we won’t want to write all of our code from scratch; for most projects, we’ll just want to set things up quickly and turn an object on or off. All of the partials will be compiled to this file before we convert it to plain old CSS and serve it up to our website. So far, so good.
  • Drupal 8: Hello OOP, Hello world! | effulgentsia
    In the course of working on Drupal 8 and attending various Drupal events, I’ve met quite a few Drupal 7 module developers curious about what they’ll need to learn to be successful Drupal 8 module developers. Several people in the Drupal community have started writing blog posts about that, including one earlier this week by Joe Shindelar on writing a Hello World module.