daily links

  • skycocker/move.js · GitHub
    move.js is an utility for detecting humans or other moving objects and displaying them on a canvas in a chroma-key like way. It’s actually pretty simple: it starts by waiting for the camera to adjust to the light, saves the visible picture to a buffer, waits few seconds and detects differences between the live image and the buffer.
    You can use it to create body controlled presentations, games and anything else you can think of.
  • Ractive.js – next-generation DOM manipulation
    Ractive.js is different. It solves some of the biggest headaches in web development – data binding, efficient DOM updates, event handling – and does so with almost no learning curve.
  • Effeckt.css
    Ever notice how small flourishes and subtle transitions dramatically increases the value of the experience you enjoy with an app or site?
    Designing and developing UIs for the mobile web is tricky, but it’s extremely difficult to do that while delivering something that performs at 60fps. The best opportunities to getting jank-free transitions on phones/tablets are CSS transition and keyframe animation based, especially tapping into hardware-accelerated transforms and opacity changes.