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  • Fefes Blog
    By September 2004, a new NSA technique enabled the agency to find cellphones even when they were turned off. Es geht um NSA-Operationen im Irak, aber wenn es so eine Technologie tatsächlich gibt, dann funktioniert die vermutlich auch anderswo. Ich vermute mal, dass das ein Software-"Update" ist, bei dem die Telefone dann ausgeschaltet aussehen aber in Wirklichkeit weiterlaufen.
  • Huddle/PhantomCSS · GitHub
    CSS regression testing. An integration of Resemble.js with PhantomJS and CasperJS for automating visual regression testing of Website styling to support refactoring of CSS.
    The problem with functional UI tests is that they make assertions on HTML markup, not the actual rendering. You can’t know through automated tests if something has visually broke, too much margin, disabled state etc. This situation is exacerbated by the increasing use of CSS3 for visual state changes that were traditionally built with JavaScript and DOM manipulation, ‘:target’ pseudoclass or keyframes for example.