daily links

  • Hitch – Add some expressive prollyfilled power
    Hitch is a small (5.5k gzipped) JavaScript prollyfill engine which provides an extension model for CSS and HTML.
    Including Hitch in your page lets you import and use features like CSS selectors that have only been proposed or HTML widgetry based on an earlier Web Components proposal (simple microformats which provide an easy uplift to real native when you decide to do so). With Hitch, it is up to you (the author of the page/stylesheet) to determine which features you need, not the user’s particular browser.
  • femanager (femanager) – TYPO3 – The Enterprise Open Source CMS
    TYPO3 Frontend User Registration and Management based on Extbase and Fluid with Namespaces and a lot of features and extension possibilities. This extension basicly works like sr_feuser_register.