daily links

  • Jekyll • Simple, blog-aware, static sites
    Transform your plain text into static websites and blogs.
  • Caption Hover Effects – Demo 4
    Schöne :hover Effekte.
  • CSS stacking with display:table | Ian Devlin
    Flexbox will of course offer more than simple re-stacking of elements, but if that is all you need, you can look no further than CSS‘s display property.
  • How it works – Trigger.io
    Forge is a development framework which enables you to create native apps for multiple platforms from a single HTML5 codebase.
    It consists of a JavaScript API that exposes device functionality and UI components such as the Camera, SMS, Contacts, Topbar and Tabbar navigation. And a cloud build service to compile your app for each platform that you want to support.
  • About – One div
    One div aims to highlight the potential of CSS3 through a library of single element logos.All icons displayed on the website are realised in pure css with only one html div. The challenge is also to provide an alternative to SVG. Indeed icons allow precise borders preserved even resized (As vector format). Then we can see a clear interest in responsive design.
  • Meldung “keine News in dieser Ansicht” bei tt_news abschalten | T3tipps
    plugin.tt_news {
    # an besten für alle Sprachen und die Standard-Sprache deaktivieren _LOCAL_LANG.en.noNewsIdMsg =
    _LOCAL_LANG.en.noNewsToListMsg = &nbsp
    _LOCAL_LANG.default.noNewsIdMsg =
    _LOCAL_LANG.default.noNewsToListMsg = &nbsp