daily links

  • Team-Sass/Singularity · GitHub
    Singularity is a next generation grid framework built from the ground up to be responsive. What makes Singularity different? Well, a lot of things. Singularity is based on internal ratios instead of context based which allows for better gutter consistency across breakpoints. Ratio based math also allows for non-uniform grids in any unit you want to use.
  • Mobify.js User Interface Modules – Carousel, Accordion, etc.
    A library of customizable user interface modules built for mobile-first and tested across a wide range of devices, while also providing a seamless desktop experience. They can be used standalone or with a Mobify.js-powered site.
  • Node Auto Term [NAT] | drupal.org
    Node Auto Term or NAT is a helper module used to facilitate node-node relationships through the use of the Taxonomy module; i.e. when a node is created, a taxonomy term is also created automatically using its title and body in any associated vocabularies. Other nodes can now be tagged with terms from these vocabularies thereby establishing node-node relationships.