daily links

  • zoltan-dulac/polyClip · GitHub
    Allows cross-browser, non-rectangular cropping and masking
    of images. Can also be used in animationed image masking. Works in
    all modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera) as well as
    Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher.
  • mtkopone/zelect · GitHub
    It’s just yet another <select>.
    _Small, ~ 300 LOC
    _Zero base CSS, roll your own
    _Customizable (well, at least workaroundable)
    _Handles asynchronous paged loading of large option lists (read: AJAX-ready-and-enabled)
    _Initializable in a detached or hidden DOM node
    _Programmatically selectable and changeable
  • Vorsicht beim Skypen – Microsoft liest mit
    Unser Fazit: Wer Skype benutzt, muss sich nicht nur damit einverstanden erklären, dass Microsoft alle übertragenen Daten quasi nach Belieben nutzt. Er muss davon ausgehen, dass dies tatsächlich geschieht und der Konzern auch nicht verrät, was genau er mit diesen Daten anstellt.
  • KnackForge: Using Drush to administer multisite
    One of the admiring features about Drupal is its ability to leverage single code base to power a stack of sites. Drush the excellent command line utility eases the work of administering Drupal sites. Our recent work raised a question, will these two blend & work together? Of course we tried this, the answer is yes but to be used with more caution!!