daily links

  • Cycle | drupal.org
    This module provides a field formatter and a Views style plugin for the jQuery Cycle plugin.
  • Nodeblock | drupal.org
    This module allows you to specify content type(s) as being a block. This allows the content managers of the site to edit the block text and title without having to access the block administration page. Users only need edit access to that node in order to edit it.
  • Node-level Blocks | drupal.org
    This module allows node editors to assign blocks to regions on a node base. In the node edit form a fieldset will be added in which the blocks can be dragged into a desired region. The blocks will be added to the blocks already present in the region.
  • Enigma64 – the fastest way to get images from Photoshop
    _ Lossless image optimization – up to 80%!
    _ Workflow booster – the fastest image export
    _ The easiest way to encode image to Base64
    _ Nice and friendly UI
  • Feed Wrangler
    Noch ein Kandidat als Google Reader Nachfolger: Feed Wrangler is a modern, sustainable RSS reader.
  • iFontMaker – The First & Fastest Font Editor for iPad
    iFontMaker™ is the first font editor exclusive for iPad™. With iPad touch interface, your 100% original hand typeface can be done in 5 minutes¹. You can email the typography or convert it into a TTF file² available in all applications such as Adobe® CreativeSuite™, Microsoft® Office™ for Mac™ and Windows™, and also in your web site as a web font³!
  • Magnific Popup: Responsive jQuery Lightbox Plugin
    Magnific Popup is a free responsive jQuery lightbox plugin that is focused on performance and providing best experience for user with any device
  • Vertical & horizontal centering of image – CodePen