daily links

  • Items on circle with CSS
    I was pretty sure I could do something cool and easy with Sass. Indeed, I ended with a mixin handling all the positioning automagically. Plus:
    _You can define the number of items you want on the circle
    _You can use any element you want as child of the container, even different ones (li, div, span, a, img, whatever)
    _It only places items, not more not less: all the fancy stuff is up to you
    _It includes a small reset in order to allow you to use it on unordered lists
    _It takes care of vendor prefixes for you thanks to Compass
    _It handles fallbacks for older browsers
    _It’s damn easy to use
  • heelhook/chardin.js
    Sehr schick!
    Chardin.js is a jQuery plugin that creates a simple overlay to display instructions on existent elements. It is inspired by the recent Gmail new composer tour which I loved.
  • peol/mqa.js
    A small (540 byte-ish, gzipped+minified!), modern library for managing media queries programmatically (i.e. in JavaScript). Most media query libraries I’ve seen forces the developer to duplicate their media query syntaxes (from CSS file to JavaScript file)