daily links

  • carlesfe/bashblog · GitHub
    A Bash script that handles blog posting. Some would say it’s a CMS, but I don’t like that word. It’s just a script that lets you write a blog post with your favorite editor, puts all the posts together into an index, and creates an RSS file and a list of posts. I created it because I wanted a very, very simple way to post entries to a blog by using a public folder on my server, without any special requirements and dependencies.
  • Stitches – An HTML5 sprite sheet generator
    Drag & drop image files onto the space below, or use the “Open” link to load images using the file browser. Then, click “Generate” to create a sprite sheet and stylesheet. This demo uses a couple of HTML5 APIs, and it is only compatible with modern browser
  • Animating Circular Paths Using CSS3 Animations.
    The above example is animated using just two (2) CSS3 Animation keyframes! Even though you could use jQuery.animate() or requestAnimationFrame to do this, it is better to use CSS3 instead of JavaScript — the resultant animation is always guaranteed to be s
  • The ultimate CSS tools for web designers | CSSmatic