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  • vim-powerline patched fonts
  • Introduction to Entityforms Part 2 | Web Wash
    In this final part, we’ll look into the Rules integration with Entityforms. We’ll learn about and create an access, submission and validation rule. After we’ve played around with the different types of rules you should have a better understanding of how they work.
  • Introduction to Entityforms Part 1 | Web Wash
    Entityforms is very similar to Webform, however Entityforms utilises Drupal’s Field API whereas Webform uses its own field system. By leveraging Drupal’s Field API, you can use any module that implements its own field like Link, Date, Email and many more. Also, the user interface for adding fields to an Entityforms form is the same as adding fields to a node, you will not have to learn a new user interface.
  • DiffPDF
    DiffPDF can compare two PDF files. It offers three comparison modes: Words, Characters, and Appearance.