daily links

  • tobyS/toby.vim · GitHub
    This is my current VIM setup. It is not meant to be used by anyone else than me. It is not meant to deal as a modular environment for anyone. The only thing that it can deal for is as an example. Feel free to fork as basis for your setup, while I recommend to just looking into it and get inspiration from it.
  • SpreadJS Alpha has landed – Wijmo
    preadJS is a new product derived from the Spread Product Family, which is a set of spreadsheet components for application development on a variety of platforms. SpreadJS is sure to bring value to your web applications with time-saving features.
    Based on HTML5, jQuery, and CSS3, SpreadJS brings all the data visualization and calculation features into your web applications. Create calculators, dynamic interactive dashboards, rich colorful reports, and much more! The rich JavaScript API for SpreadJS provides a complete object model for the spreadsheet document, and a rich set of user interface events which your application can handle to customize the user experience. SpreadJS is designed to provide an Excel-like user interface for spreadsheet navigation, editing, formula calculation, column/row resizing, range drag-drop and drag-fill, and other powerful spreadsheet UI elements such as table sorting and filtering.
  • Parsley.js
    Javascript forms validation.
    Powerful, UX aware & Dead simple.
    Never write a single javascript line anymore to validate your forms FrontEnd. Parsley will do that for you and do it right, thanks to its powerful DOM-API !
  • TOC filter | drupal.org
    Converts header tags into a linked table of contents.
    This module is designed to be lightweight and accomplishs the very specific task of converting H2 (or H3) tags into an SEO friendly table of contents (TOC).