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  • Drupal 7 Fields: Digging Deep into the Data for Themers » High Rock Media Blog
    There’s a number of ways to display and theme fields within the node context using Drupal 7. From a broad module perspective, this might include Panels, Display Suite, Field Collections, Semantic Fields, Fences or others. Though it used to me more common in the Drupal 6 days, custom node theming still has it’s place with Drupal 7 depending on the use case. That is to say, the tried and true node–custom.tpl.php. For the sake of this article, it would be node–events.tpl.php representing a custom event content type.
  • Merrick Christensen – Grunt.js Workflow
    Grunt.js is a fantastic task-based command line tool written in JavaScript on top of the wonderful Node.js platform. You can leverage Grunt.js to script away all of your grunt work. Tools and procedures that you historically ran and configured yourself, you can now abstract behind a convention based command line interface with a consistent means of configuration. You can write your most complicated tasks once and leverage them in all of your projects using project specific configuration.