daily links

  • Faster Websites: Crash Course on Web Performance – igvita.com
    Delivering a fast and optimized user experience in the browser requires careful thinking across many layers of the stack – TCP and up. In a rather ambitious undertaking, when I got the chance to run a three hour (marathon) workshop at Devoxx 2012, I tried to do exactly that: a crash course on web performance. Even with that much time, much was left unsaid, but I’m happy with how it went – it turned out to be one of the most popular workshops.
  • ParamQuery jQuery Grid Plugin
    ParamQuery grid is a lightweight jQuery grid plugin inspired by MS Excel and Google spreadsheet. It’s based upon jQueryUI Widget factory which is an excellent design pattern for UI controls with consistent API. It’s free to use in any commercial or open source project and is licensed under very permissive MIT license.
  • js-coder/jQuery.x18n
    X18n is a internationalisation library for JavaScript. jQuery.x18n is a x18n adapter that updates your HTML when the language changes or new translations are added.