daily links

  • – 1365×1218 [1365×1069]
    Anystretch is a jQuery plugin that allows you to add a dynamically-resized background image to any page or block level element. The image will stretch to fit the page/element, and will automatically resize as the window size changes.
  • All you need to know about CSS Transitions | Alex MacCaw
    CSS3 transitions bring simple and elegant animations to web applications, but there’s a lot more to the spec than first meets the eye.
    In this post I’m going to delve into some of the more complicated parts of CSS transitions, from chaining and events to hardware acceleration and animation functions.
    Letting the browser control animations sequences allows it to optimize performance and efficiency by altering the frame rate, minimizing paints and offloading some of the work to the GPU.
  • oetzi/leave · GitHub
    A micro, terminal based, countdown timer for OS X using Growl
  • TEQneers SEO Enhancements (tq_seo) – TYPO3 – The Enterprise Open Source CMS
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Indexed Google-Sitemap (TXT- and XML-Sitemap) for all Extensions (pibase, extbase), Metatags, Canonical-URL, Pagetitle manipulations, Crawler verification, Piwik and Google Analytics support and some more… multi-language- and multi-tree-support