daily links

  • imsky/holder · GitHub
    Holder uses the canvas element and the data URI scheme to render image placeholders entirely in browser.
  • phantom – System for generic, decentralized, unstoppable internet anonymity – Google Project Hosting
    The Phantom protocol is a system for decentralized anonymization of generic network traffic.
  • Flash Proxies
    Flash proxies are a new way of providing access to a censorship circumvention system such as Tor. A flash proxy is a miniature proxy that runs in a web browser. It checks for clients that need access, then conveys data between them and a Tor relay.
    Tor has bridge relays, but in some cases even these can be blocked despite the fact that their addresses are handed out only a few at a time. The purpose of this project is to create many, generally ephemeral bridge IP addresses, with the goal of outpacing a censor’s ability to block them. Rather than increasing the number of bridges at static addresses, we aim to make existing bridges reachable by a larger and changing pool of addresses.
  • Telex: Anticensorship in the Network Infrastructure
    Telex is a new approach to circumventing Internet censorship that is intended to help citizens of repressive governments freely access online services and information. The main idea behind Telex is to place anticensorship technology into the Internet’s core network infrastructure, through cooperation from large ISPs. Telex is markedly different from past anticensorship systems, making it easy to distribute and very difficult to detect and block.