daily links

  • VueScan Scanner Software for Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), Linux, iPhone, iPad, iPod
    VueScan is an easy-to-use replacement for the software that came with your scanner and supports most flatbed scanners, printer/scanners and film scanners. Over 10 million people have downloaded VueScan since it was first released in 1998. Whether you are looking for more advanced features that your scanner vendor doesn’t provide, or your scanner vendor no longer supports your scanner, VueScan 9 helps you get the most out of your scanner.
  • ImageAPI Optimize (or Image Optimize) | drupal.org
    This is a toolkit for ImageAPI. It requires imageapi_gd or imageapi_imagemagick or any ImageAPI toolkit to work.
    ImageAPI Optimize allows you to use your preferred toolkit and optimize (losslessly) the image when it is saved. Practice for web performance suggests that images should be optimized for better loading time. With this module enabled, Google’s Page Speed will always give you an A in image optimize.
  • CSS3 Pricing Table
    A sleek pricing table made using CSS3.
    CSS3 gradients have been used along with box-shadow and transform(scale) for the active/hover effect.
  • Pickadate.js
    A responsive and lightweight jQuery dateinput picker
  • Datenschutz : Modeketten spionieren mit Schaufensterpuppen Kunden aus – Nachrichten Newsticker – News1 (AFP – Journal) – DIE WELT
    Mehrere führende Modeketten spionieren ihre Kunden offenbar mit Hilfe von Schaufensterpuppen aus. In den Puppenaugen sei eine Videokamera mit einer Software zur Gesichtserkennung installiert, berichtet die "Berliner Zeitung" unter Berufung auf den italienischen Hersteller Almax. Die sogenannten "EyeSee-Mannequins" könnten Alter, Geschlecht und Ethnie eines Kunden feststellen; die Modefirmen könnten so ihre Auslagen und ihr Personal gezielter an die Kundschaft anpassen.
  • Pixa – organizing your images, the easy way
    Everyone loves collecting images, but it can be very hard to keep them organized. Pixa is a Mac application that manages your pictures, helping you to quickly find and share them.
    Pixa supports all the image formats you need: psd, ai, svg, jpg, png, tiff, pdf, bmp, gif, ico, icns, eps, raw, Pixelmator.
  • Animated 3D Flipping Menu with CSS
    Today’s we’ll create a simple but awesome 3D flipping menu!
  • Accordion Blocks | drupal.org
    This module will provide accordion effect to your blocks. It works with any standard Drupal theme available out there on Drupal.org. This module provides admin interface to add more Accordion widgets and for each Accordion widget we can choose set of blocks as content.
  • Image Block | drupal.org
    Because I can never get a straight answer for a simple solution to include an image in a block with a easy-to-use interface for non-technical folk.
    Image block is a module where one can create a simple block that includes an image. The 6.x version of this module integrates with Imagecache and 7.x with the core Image module’s Image Styles for dynamic image sizing and manipulation.