daily links

  • DreamPlug DevKit
    The “Dream Plug” continues the tradition set by our family of Plug Computers. We have a small robust product which draws under 5 watts of power , can handle the most demanding of tasks. If compared to the average desktop computer using 175 watts of power, we are able to save potentially in the region of 96% on energy costs. The ecologically friendly “Dream Plug” has been designed for 24/7 type applications and the truly remarkable new enclosure, even with no internal moving components, ensures efficient heat dissipation in the most challenging conditions.
    End-to-end encryption and decentralized social interaction is always a hassle. Our goal is to give developers an easy to use framework that hides the complexity of decentralized message passing, a distributed social graph and naturally embeds encryption.

    We hope to encourage the development of interfaces and platforms that are as user friendly as they can be. In the end, a distributed social platform can only succeed if everyone uses it.

    The network we are currently bootstrapping will enjoy the speed of servers that help without knowing much about us, the trust of social relationships between users without becoming transparent, the privacy of elaborate obfuscation strategies without becoming unpractical.

    This way, we can become independent of centralized infrastructure and rest assured that no one but the designated recipients can read our communications.

  • IE10 CSS Hacks | Impressive Webs
    @media screen and (-ms-high-contrast: active), (-ms-high-contrast: none) {
    /* IE10-specific styles go here */
  • Configuring Layouts with Display Suite in Drupal 7 | Web Wash
    In Drupal 7, a lot of contributed modules implement their own entities. For example, Drupal Commerce, Field collection or Bean module just to name a few. Display Suite makes it very easy to customise the layout of any entity using a drag and drop interface without writing custom code or overriding template files. One of the biggest benefits of using Display Suite from a developers standpoint is that you have a standard UI and consistent workflow for modifying content layouts. The days of opening a "node-blog.tpl.php" file and seeing 500+ lines of messy – sometimes insecure – code are over.