daily links

  • Start your project right with Modernizr | Tutorial | .net magazine
    Depending on your preference for catering to older browsers or targeting newer ones, you might prefer to use selectors for missing functionality (i.e. .no-opacity) instead of existing functionality (i.e. .opacity). This way, if, for whatever reason, Modernizr doesn’t load, you don’t end up crippling your website in perfectly good and modern browsers.
  • winston/cactus
    Designs can be tested too (you should read the slides)! Cactus is a proof of concept for a CSS testing framework.
    It ensures that you always have the same CSS styling for DOM elements that you care about.
  • bfirsh/needle
    Needle is a tool for testing your CSS with Selenium and nose.
    It checks that CSS renders correctly by taking screenshots of portions of a website and comparing them against known good screenshots. It also provides tools for testing calculated CSS values and the position of HTML elements.