daily links

  • GITLAB: Self Hosted Git Management Application
    Self Hosted Git Management Fast, secure and stable solution based on Ruby on Rails & Gitolite. Distributed under the MIT License.
  • apenwarr/sshuttle
    sshuttle: where transparent proxy meets VPN meets ssh
    As far as I know, sshuttle is the only program that solves the following common case:
    _Your client machine (or router) is Linux, FreeBSD, or MacOS.
    _You have access to a remote network via ssh.
    _You don’t necessarily have admin access on the remote network.
    _The remote network has no VPN
    _You don’t want to create an ssh port forward for every single host/port on the remote network.
    _You can’t use openssh’s PermitTunnel feature because it’s disabled by default on openssh servers
  • Mac App Store – Hues
    You need to grab a color from an image, make it a little bit darker, and get the new hex value. You don’t want to have to open a design program just to do that. With Hues, you’ll be done before Photoshop has finished opening.
  • The Road To Reusable HTML Components | Smashing Coding
    Methodologies such as OOCSS and SMACCS were born out of frustration with CSS, but these methodologies try to ease CSS development by altering the HTML code. I think this is definitely not the way to go (and if you check the original presentation by Nicole Sullivan, you’ll find that she proposes an early version of mixins as a better alternative). Writing HTML is about so much more than making sure the CSS has the hooks it needs for you to implement the design; so, coming at it from a CSS angle can only diminish the overall quality of the HTML you write. The problem is not limited to providing the right hooks for CSS and JavaScript; the true challenge is to make sure that every element across a website is identifiable. If you can accomplish that, then you’ve got CSS, JavaScript and whatever other script technology you’re using covered without having to worry about the project’s specifics.