daily links

  • drupalconnect/flatfish · GitHub
    Flatfish is a lib to scrape HTML based on a CSV with CSS selectors and configurable attributes (eg, page titles). The ultimate goal of Flatfish is to prep and load the HTML into Drupal.
  • Aurora | drupal.org
    Aurora is an HTML5, Sass and Compass powered, responsive optimized, mobile first base theme designed for people who like theming through code as opposed to through a GUI. It is powered by the Aurora Compass Extension. Aurora has a companion module suite for added awesomeness called Borealis which includes a Responsive Image solution and a Semantic Block solution. Aurora also supports the Conditional Stylesheets module, so be sure to grab that as well!
  • Borealis | drupal.org
    Borealis is a suite of modules designed to assist in the implementation and building of semantic HTML5 and responsive projects in Drupal. The first module, Borealis Responsive Images, is an integrated solution for responsive images in Drupal. The second module, Borealis Semantic Blocks, adds a basic, more semantic block template and allows the user to choose more semantic, HTML5 block templates for each block. As more modules are needed, they will be added to this project.
  • CryptoPartyHandbook – CryptoParty
    This 392 page, Creative Commons licensed handbook is designed to help those with no prior experience to protect their basic human right to Privacy in networked, digital domains. By covering a broad array of topics and use contexts it is written to help anyone wishing to understand and then quickly mitigate many kinds of vulnerability using free, open-source tools. Most importantly however this handbook is intended as a reference for use during Crypto Parties. It is being continuously developed.
  • Wysiwyg Fields
    The Wysiwyg Fields module is bridge between CCK Fields and the Wysiwyg module,
    allowing most (if not all) CCK fields to be turned into a Wysiwyg button for a
    convenient inline solution.