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  • Going Mobile with Joomla! | cocoate.com
    The book covers many examples about existing possibilities for websites made with Joomla! to embrace the mobile world. It will consist of the following topics: App economy Mobile Templates Responsive Templates Building a responsive Joomla! Template with the Twitter Bootstrap framework from Scratch Joomla! as datasource for native Apps Various extensions that help to mobilize your Joomla! 2.5 Website
  • Using the Twitter Bootstrap Framework to build a responsive Joomla! Template from Scratch
    In this article we want to look under the hood of the Joomla template system to understand the basics. Creating a template from scratch is no rocket science. When you are building a website you always need to decide whether it is better to create a template on your own or to buy one. Besides of these two options you can also modify an existing template. To be able to make a useful decision you need to understand the process of creating a Joomla template.