daily links

  • enquire.js – Awesome Media Queries in JavaScript
    A lightweight JavaScript library for handling CSS media queries.
    _Deal with your media queries being matched (and even unmatched!)
    _Respond to browser events with aplomb
    _And if you want to get really fancy, run one-time setup routines
  • macx/SocialMediaEnhancer
    This WordPress Plugin enhance your WordPress Blog with Data for the major Social Media platforms: Twitter, Facebook and Google+. It’s provide a well formed title, description and a new thumbnail from your post to get the best result for your Blog in the stream. It also adds static Social Media Buttons for sharing your post – without the use of the slow external JavaScript-Functions. This plugin also saves the likes, +1 and shares of your post.
  • CSS4: So sieht die Zukunft des Webstandards aus » t3n Magazin
    Nicolai Schwarz stellt einige nette Neuerungen vor die (irgendwann) in CSS implementiert werden.

    Mit dem Dollarzeichen („$“) lässt sich in CSS4 nun das „Subjekt“ eines Selektors bestimmen. Jenes HTML-Element also, für das die Anweisungen gelten sollen. Mit dem Ausdruck „$ol > li:only-child“ nimmt man Bezug auf dieselbe HTML-Struktur, aber durch das „$“ gilt die CSS-Anweisung jetzt für das ol-Element.

    Mehrfache Negation
    :not(.teaser, .author, .more) {
    font-size: 14px;

  • Create fluid layouts with HTML5 and CSS3 | Tutorial | .net magazine
    target ÷ context = result
    Does that smell a bit like an equation to you? Fear not, when creating a responsive design, this formula soon becomes your new best friend.