daily links

  • Future of Wireframing – HotGloo
    HotGloo combines all the functionality from a classical desktop software with the comfort and benefits of a web app. From low- to high-fidelity, from wireframes to prototypes – with HotGloo you can finally achieve great concepts in a fast, simple and beautiful way. Mock up an idea, gather feedback, review and improve over time. With just one click you can receive feedback on a particular element or interaction, helping you to adjust accordingly.
  • High Rock Media: JQuery Theming Tips for Drupal 7
    There are a few methods that work well for adding additional custom JQuery scripts to Drupal 7 and some of this depends on the use case
  • Curtain reveal effect using CSS
    Schöner Effekt für einen Footer…
  • Shoot to kill; CSS selector intent — CSS Wizardry—CSS, Web Standards, Typography, and Grids by Harry Roberts
    One type of CSS in particular makes me cringe every time I see it; poor selector intent. Poor selector intent means carpet bombed selectors whose key selector has way too broad a reach; a selector like .header ul{} as opposed to one like .main-nav{}, .widget h2{} instead of .widget-title, article > p:first-child{} as opposed to .intro{}. Selectors whose intent is not specific enough.