daily links

  • Microsites | drupal.org
    Microsites provides a site-within-a-site capability, using a plugin-based architecture.
  • De-Drupalizing The Login Form | Drupal Watchdog
    If you want to figure out if a site runs on Drupal, it is a 99.99% probability that by taking a look at the /user page, Drupal—formerly laden with tabs and a form set in stone, hidden behind dark, developer magic—will reveal itself in all its glory.
    The ability to modify forms was once a task only possible from a module; that really set some limitations for what themes could do in Drupal 6. In Drupal 7 the power to modify forms the same way as modules has been bumped down to the theme layer, and for that we sure are pleased: Let us now put this newfound power to good use and deDrupalize the login form.