daily links

  • Paranoia | drupal.org
    paranoia.module attempts to identify all the places that a user can evaluate PHP via Drupal’s web interface and then block those. It reduces the potential impact of an attacker gaining elevated permission on a Drupal site.
    The specific features are:
    _Disable granting of the "use PHP for block visibility" permission.
    _Disable creation of input formats that use the PHP filter.
    _Disable editing the user #1 account.
    _Disable disabling this module. Yes, that’s right you need to go to the database to get rid of it again.
  • Introducing the AngularJS Batarang | AngularJS
    For the past month, we’ve been working on a Chrome extension to help debug AngularJS applications. Today, we’re introducing the AngularJS Batarang (a superheroic tool that lives up to its name). This extension features tools to help find and address performance bottlenecks, and visualize and debug applications.
  • Devel Catcher | drupal.org
    Devel Catcher aggregates or "catches" all development debug info into one easy to access place.
    Similair in style to Firebug or Chrome’s Inspector. Devel Catcher intercepts common debug info into a tabbed interface as opposed to having to assign debug blocks to a region or dumping the output at the end of your HTML document.