daily links

  • An explanation of the CSS animation on Apple’s iPhone 4S webpage
    The "phone stage" (blue-bordered box) contains all 6 "slides" of the animation sequence and has a transition css property with a duration and timing function (a cubic bezier curve). For the phone stage to cycle from one slide to the next, its css transform property is updated with new translate and rotate values. At the end of the cycle, the phone stage’s transition duration is temporarily set to 0ms while slide 6 resets to slide 1.
  • Creating Different CSS3 Box Shadows Effects
    8 Beispiele für CSS Box-Shadow Effekte.
  • Custom Permissions | drupal.org
    This very light-weight module allows additional permissions to be created and managed through a administration form. It uses the menu access system to allow or dissalow access to it.
    On the administration page a user is able to create a permission with name and path(s).
    These permissions can then be assigned to roles on the permissions page.