daily links

  • Line breaks in tooltips | Clagnut § Mark-up techniques
    Nice, ein Tip wie man Zeilenumbrüche in Tooltips bekommt:
    The solution for achieving this is devilishly simple – just use the carriage return entity in your title attribute
  • filamentgroup/Southstreet
    Die Filament Group hat einige spannende Tools auf GitHub veröffentlicht und beschreibt wie die zusammenwirken, lesen.
    SouthStreet is a set of tools that combine to form the core of a progressive enhancement workflow developed at Filament Group. This workflow is designed to help us (and other developers too!) deliver rich web experiences that are accessible to the widest range of devices possible, and catered to the capabilities and constraints of each device.
  • jQuery Facets Plugin
    Und noch eine Idee für eine Navigation aus Text und Bild.
  • Auto Moving Submenu Using jQuery – Webstuffshare – Learn and share. The simplest harmony.
    Today we’re going to create an automatic moving submenu based on selected its parent. Each submenu is horizontally stacked, sequentially in the order of their parent menu. So when user moving their cursor to the one of parent menu its submenu will appeared by moving its horizontal position.
  • Bike.sh
    Klingt spannend, aber bislang gibt es nur eine Ankündigung was möglich sein soll:
    Our system converts Flash advertisements (Version 9 or 10) into fully compatible HTML5 code targeted at iPad, iPhone and other smart phones. The originally Flash formatted advertisements can now be clicked and played by millions of HTML5 compatible devices exceeding expectations and delighting users.
  • AppJS
    Wohl noch nicht für den produktiv Einsatz, aber spannend:
    Using AppJS you don’t need to be worry about coding cross-platform or learning new languages and tools. You are already familiar with HTML, CSS and Javascript. What is better than this stack for application development? Beside, AppJS uses Chromium at the core so you get latest HTML 5 APIs working. So relax and focus on the task your application should do.