daily links

  • Views Without Views… Introducing "Relevant Content Bean" | ThinkShout
    The Relevant Content Bean module is a plugin for the awesome Bean module. If you’ve unfamiliar Bean, it basically provides a way to treat blocks as fieldable entities. ("Bean" is an acronym for Block Entities Aren’t Nodes.) The Bean module also provides an API for creating new types of blocks, which can have their own properties and fields.
    The Relevent Content Bean essentially provides your site administrators with a light-weight query builder (build on top of EntityFieldQuery) for creating blocks that contain dynamically-filtered listings of nodes. Like Views, Relevant Content Bean allows you to select the number of node results to display, apply filters to the list of returned nodes, change the display options for these nodes, and manage the sort order of your results.
  • Online Project Collaboration – the social way
    Projectplace is an online collaboration tool that allows you to manage single or multiple projects in a simple and efficient way.