daily links

  • Git Best Practices: Workflow Guidelines | Lullabot
    Git is a flexible and powerful version control system. While Git offers significant functionality over legacy centralized tools like CVS and Subversion, it also presents so many options for workflow that it can be difficult to determine what is the best method to commit code to a project. The following are the guidelines I like to use for most software projects contained within a Git repository. They aren’t applicable to every Git project (especially those hosted on drupal.org or GitHub), but I’ve found that they help ensure that our own projects end up with a reasonable repository history.
  • 3txt – A open source paste bin platform – Google Project Hosting
    A paste bin that you can install on your own server. This is a lot like pastebin or txtbin, but since it is hosted by you, you can be sure that the content will always be available. This make it extremly easy to create a custom branded script for use within a buisness, but it can also be applied within many other scenarios. It has an easy to use installer and you can set it up within minutes of downloading.